MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! I know that I haven’t posted in a VERY long time – I had some trouble with my blog, but it’s all fixed, and I am back! So once again, I am at my grandparents house for christmas, but this time without my brother Noam and my dad. Noam is at his girlfriend’s house this year, which is fine, but I miss him. He’s going off to college in a year, which is crazy. I think siblings that are close, are the ones that miss their brothers the most, even more than the parents. Well, maybe not more than the girlfriend, but you get the gist.

WOAH! For a minute there, this tree was just illuminated in golden light. The cool part, was that everything else, including the sky, was deathly grey. It was so beautiful!

Anyway, now that we’ve had a nice dose of off-topics . . .

Here are some wintry pictures from my most recent photo shoot – Tell me what you think in the comments below!




Columbus day Update

Hey everyone!

So sorry that I haven’t posted since AUGUST 5TH!!! My days have been so busy lately – 8th grade is one of my less-enjoyed years of school so far, between annoying teachers and friend fights. Not to mention that I have had no time to indulge in my art. Hopefully this Columbus Day weekend will give me some more time to draw, but it is extremely busy!
Here are some things for me to do this weekend:
1. Rollerskating
2. Two Sukkoth celebrations
3. Pumpkin Festival
4. Movie night with friends
5. Tradition of watching the nightmare before christmas With my friends

Not to mention doing a ton of homework and getting ready for halloween! WOOHOO! By the way, just a couple days ago was my blog’s 1 year anniversary! Thank you to all of my loyal and supportive followers who have stayed with me!

So Halloween is coming up and I have no idea what to be. I’m thinking of being some kind of pirate or girl’s Robin Hood, but I also want to go homemade again this year. Last year I was a peacock, and it was basically just a pretty blue dress with some homemade accessories and feathers – it came out nice enough to win second place in a costume contest though! If you have any ideas for this year’s costume, please comment them below!

What surprises me is that I haven’t even carved a pumpkin yet this year, and I have four pumpkins sitting in my mudroom just waiting to be carved! Last year I met some people who hadn’t ever carved a pumpkin, and I was just like, “WHAT?!” Who doesn’t carve pumpkins in the fall?!

Anyways, staying on the topic of halloween, I am going to make a list of my top ten favorite halloween candy to get when trick-or-treating:

10. M&M’s – They are fun, bitesize, and at halloween they come in perfect sized packages
9. Snickers – But this year I can’t eat them because I have braces!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHH
8. Gummy anything – I can’t eat these either, but I have an obsession with gummy candy!
7. Milky Ways – The bad thing is, these come in fun size packages at halloween. WHAT IS . . .FUNSIZE!?!?!?!?!?! AND WHY?!
6. King size anything – Even if you don’t like the candy, king size is amazing and the biggest candy treasure of halloween.
5. Popcorn balls – I know I’m weird, but popcorn balls are fun to hit with hammers
4. Kit Kats/Twix bars – These go together because they are both delicious and they both come with two!
3. Goody bags – Extra candy, and you don’t know what’s in them until you examine your loot later!
2. Hershey/crunch/candy bars – Um, yes! I’m a chocolate fiend!
1. Reeses Peanut Butter Cups – No words, just perfect!

They ironic thing is, I”m talking about candy yet I’m on a no-sugar diet except on weekends. I think I’ll have to make an exception at halloween though . . . 😛
So yeah, if you want to be the popular house in the neighborhood at halloween, here are the Do’s and Don’ts based on the list:
Don’t get fun sized candy
Do Get regular or king size
Don’t get taffy or tootsie rolls
Do get anything on the list above
Don’t have you’re lights off
Do put up halloween decorations
Don’t hand out apples
Do get jello-shots for adults passing by(I know that they appreciate it, and will take their children straight to your house if they know you for handing them out)
Don’t play the hobbit in your house while kids are trick-or-treating(They will be so jealous that they will skip your house entirely
Do have at least two jack-o-lanterns
Don’t sick your dog on children when they come to the door
Do wear a costume

There you go! The perfect halloween night!
Any suggestions? Comment below! I’ll post pictures of my jack-o-lanterns later!

Here are some nice pictures that I’ve taken of my pets recently:

National Dog Day for Charlie!

National Dog Day for Charlie!

Om Nom Nom Stick

Om Nom Nom Stick

Tira's so fierce

Tira’s so fierce

November's birthday just passed on September 23rd! Happy first birthday!

November’s birthday just passed on September 23rd! Happy first birthday!

Also, me and Hannah went apple picking . . .Kind of








Balance is key . . .

Balance is key . . .

Hannah is the most supportive and loyal friend I have ever had, so visit Hannah’s Blog: “”

The Bear and The Bunny

So although I didn’t write about it when it happened here is a funny story:

One day in June, my cousin Mae and I were playing the game of life. I had just gotten up and return with a glass of water, when I noticed a big black shape lumbering across our back yard. The shape was a young black bear, which is pretty rare for the Dutchess County backyard. Once I had screamed to all of my family that there was a bear in the backyard, we all ran outside to get a closer look. It was bizarre for us to see, and a couple minutes later, after it had gone into the woods and we had gone inside, it crossed out lawn again! This time we followed it from a distance, trying to snap pictures. As it began to speed up, we ran after it, until we got a clear view of the year old black bear running across the street. It was such an amazing experience, but I wish we had gotten close enough to get better pictures. Later on in the month, we bought an extra long macro lens for future incidents. Here are some pictures of the bear crossing the street:



Now although this next part isn’t much of a story, yesterday I got really close to a bunny in my yard with the new camera lens:



Charlie’s Pupsicles!

So this past week I was thinking of ways to experiment with dog treats. I did some research on what they could and couldn’t eat, and I decided to make . . . PUPSICLES!! Charlie absolutely loved them, so if you have a pooch at home, here is new page from my online recipe book that you can save and print out:

Pupsicle Recipe

Pupsicle Recipe

If you can’t see the page view, here is the recipe:

1 Banana
2 Tbs Peanut butter
2 Tbs Milk
(all ingredients are safe for dogs)

1. Mash up the banana till there are as few lumps as possible. Whisk or mix in the peanut butter until the mixture is smooth. Stir in the milk.

2. Pour mixture into popsicle maker or plastic container. Put in freezer until completely frozen.

3. When the pupsicle is frozen(may take overnight) run under warm water until it slides out from the container easily. If your pop is in the form of a popsicle, hold for your dog over a towel. Enjoy the pupsicle Pooch!

My dog and I have a special connection between us. We got Charlie on New Years Eve a while ago, I can’t remember what year, but he is about 5 years old now. I swear that he is still a puppy on the inside! Here are a couple pictures of him enjoying his pupsicle!


Enjoy your pupsicle. What do you think, should I post more recipes?

Being a Teenager

Just a few days ago, I turned thirteen. Everyone has told me that this birthday is the “Big Thirteen”. I guess I’m supposed to be turning into a woman now. Although it sounds extremely cliche, I really don’t want to grow up. Wouldn’t it be nice to sometimes imagine yourself into wonderland with characters like Peter Pan, Wendy, and of course, Disney’s little Diva, Tinkerbell. I haven’t been blogging for a long time, seeing that I have been so busy with my summer activities. Just yesterday I returned from a small trip to my friend’s country house up in Walton, New York. It was beautiful there, but sometimes I felt as though my friends were on their phones a little too much for my own taste. Not to be humble – I love my own phone too, and spend a considerable amount of time on it, just like many other teenagers. But with the sun in the sky, a fresh-water pond, and other people to be with, I would have liked them to take a break from vinescope and Instagram to play a game. Of course we spent time doing other things too off of the phones, but Saturday morning felt like a waste of time, excluding the fun games of Apples to Apples.

I just found out that I have gone completely off topic about growing up, although it somehow relates with the use of phones. 😛 Anyway, talking about growing up it cheesy, so pretend that I have changed my article’s title to: Summer Vacation!

This summer I have gotten into drawing and painting – I began obsessing over it this past January, and have been reluctant to put my sketch pad down ever since. Here are some pictures of my recent drawings:”>Austrailian shepard

Simba and Nala

These are a few out of many. My cousin Mae, who lives in Montana, came down to stay with me for eleven days, too. We had a lot of fun going to the Hudson River, New York City, Shopping, Photo shoots, watching Disney Movies, and so much more! It was a really fun week! Here are a couple of pictures:

Awesome mid-motion water shot!

Our terrifying attempt at making a cake!

Blowing bubbles!

Oh – Did I mention that we got the best things ever – ACTUAL MERMAID TAILS!? We were on the internet, talking about our mutual love of mermaids and wish of becoming them someday 😛 and we found a website called Although they were expensive the green and blue mermaid tails were great and worked amazingly. Here is a picture of my two cousins, Hannah(10), Mae(13) and I about to jump in the water with our amazing mermaid tails!


Making a splash!

We were altogether a week later in my grandmother’s country house in the Adirondacks! It was amazing, and the tails were so fun! Later in the summer, my family and I are going on a roadtrip beginning in Denver, Colorado. We will be doing that beautiful loop for two weeks in August, Hiking, Horseback-riding, swimming, and taking pictures. Right now, my grandfather, Pops/Karl, is here in New York until this Tuesday. It’s lots of fun hanging out with him, enjoying the sun, and going out to eat! I’m having tons of great times here – Comment how your summers are going, because who doesn’t love a break from work and school? I can’t wait to hear your stories!

Cloudclan Four

Larkkit looked up from her washing. Thistlekit, Brindlekit, and Brackenkit had slipped down into the nest that Larkkit and her mother shared. Dawnberry and Aspenflower had gone out hunting to stretch their legs and Larkkit was waiting for her mother to get back. “Hey Larkkit!” Brackenkit bounced over to her and nuzzled her cheek. Larkkit happily returned the nuzzle before turning to her three friends. “What’s up guys?” Larkkit asked, returning to her washing.

“We’ve decided to go out and find our father in the camp,” Thistlekit mewed, swiping his tongue over his lips. Brindlekit padded up to her. “You wanna come?” He asked.

“Of course! But none of us have even been outside yet or met our fathers!” She fretted, then shook herself. “What do we have to lose? Your dad is my mom’s brother, so he’ll look exactly like her. And Dawnberry said that my dad, Spottedpelt, is black and white,” She finished, proud that she had figured out how to find their fathers. “Let’s go!” Aspenflower’s kits said together.

  To Be Continued . . . 😛

Cloudclan Three

Bunching her muscles, she sprung over Aspenflower, and barreled straight into Brindlekit. Pinning him down, she meowed, “How boring do I look now?” Brindlekit just stared back at her, and mumbled something that Larkkit couldn’t make out. Just then, he heaved her off and flung himself onto her, pinning her down. Quick as a mouse, Thistlekit unsheathed his claws, holding them in the sunlight so they could glint menacingly. But before he could do anything, Aspenflower plucked him and Brindlekit off. “Thistlekit, you know very well that you do not ever use claws when you’re playing!”

“Sorry Larkkit,” Thistlekit meowed, looking ashamed.

“That’s okay,” Larkkit purred, shaking herself. “You guys are pretty good warriors already!”

 Next part coming soon!

ClOuDcLaN tWo!!!!!

“Is she even alive?”

“Hey! Earth to Larkkit, can you hear us?”

Larkkit opened her eyes a crack. Three little heads were popping out from behind Dawnberry’s nest.

“All right you three, give her some space!” Aspenflower tugged her kits back into her nest  and began licking them.

“Whatever. She-cats are boring anyway. Mom! Stop licking me!” Brindlekit complained. Larkkit stifled a growl. She’d show them how boring a she-cat could be!


As soon as Aspenflower had shielded their view of Dawnberry’s nest, Larkkit lifted herself to her paws quietly and began to creep toward Aspenflower’s nest. A small jerk on her tail made her whip around. Oh no! Dawnberry was fixing her with a questioning gaze. Pulling her tail free of her mother’s paws, she whisked it across the black queen’s muzzle, pleading her to be quiet. Dawnberry nodded and glanced mischievously at the other nest where complaining mewls were coming from. Larkkit let out a sigh under her breath. Her mother was the best mother in the world! Silently, Larkkit crept forward until she had reached Aspenflower’s flank.


To be continued . . .